• Variation
    • REED Eric

    • Variation
    • CAINE Uri

    • The Monk and me
    • BARBERO Alberto

    • Little midnight nocturne
    • HERSCH Fred - (1955)

    • Superstar etude n.2
    • KERNIS Aaron Jay - (1960-)

    • Monk sits down to write a tune ....
    • QUAYLE Mattew

    • Variation
    • RZEWSKI Frederic - (1938) - USA

    • A gloss on 'Round midnight'
    • BABBITT Milton - (1916-) - Philadelphia - USA

    • Slinking around midnight
    • ANDREONI Roberto

    • Variation
    • THOMAS Augusta Read - (1964) - New York - USA

    • Precious time
    • DEL CORNO Filippo

    • Variation
    • TORKE Michael - (1961) - STATI UNITI

    • Midnight variation
    • BOCCADORO Carlo - (1963) - ITALIA

    • Monk trope
    • HARBISON John - (1938) - USA

    • Variation
    • CRUMB George - (1929) - Charleston/West Virginia - USA

    • Monk in the kitchen
    • DAUGHERTY Michael - (1954) - Cedar Rapids - USA

    • 11.59 (Think of Miles Davis playing it in F minor)
    • BOLCOM William - (1938) - STATI UNITI

    • Midnight dream
    • LEVINSON Gerald - (1951) - Westport - USA

    • Cadenza and finale
    • HOFFMAN Joel

    • Quiet now
    • EVANS Bill
    Uri Caine
    Uri Caine
    Emanuele Arciuli
    Emanuele Arciuli

    MONK, MONK, RZEWSKI, RZEWSKI, Uri Caine, Uri Caine, Emanuele Arciuli, Emanuele Arciuli
    Round Midnight - Hommage to Thelonius Monk

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    The Independent27th May 2011
    This engrossing series of 22 variations, études and deconstructions of Thelonious Monk's most famous piece was commissioned by pianist Emanuele Arciuli from various American composers with whom he had previously worked...Arciuli arranges the pieces into a sequence which culminates in Joel Hoffman's splendid "Cadenza and Finale".

    The Arts Desk 30th July 2011
    Monk’s standard is the opposite; it’s sinuous, harmonically complex, and so well-known as to present a daunting challenge to any composer daring to tamper with it...Some of the results are stunning; Fred Hersch’s beautiful "Little Midnight Nocturne" the highlight of the first part of the work...Arciuli’s sensitive playing is beyond reproach. One for jazz buffs and contemporary music fans.

    An exciting piano anthology featuring works by some of the greatest contemporary American composers all based on the jazz masterpiece ‘Round Midnight and performed by Italian pianist Emanuele Arciuli.

    “The original idea for ‘Round Midnight Variations did not have a painful or difficult birth. Simply, on a summer afternoon in 2000, in Cincinnati, I thought of a project to involve American composers whom I had known at the beginning of my collaboration with the Contemporary Music Festival at the College Conservatory of Music. It seemed a more fascinating and direct idea to ask various musicians to work on the same theme, concentrating their creativity on the same subject. I immediately identified Thelonious Monk’s famous standard as an ideal starting point, for various reasons, among which its being the opposite of the classic theme for variations: harmonically complicated, difficult despite the sensuality of the melodic line, and ever different in the innumerable interpretations of the great jazz musicians who have tackled it. And then because we are talking of a very famous work, almost a jazz manifesto, and therefore perfect to embody an important aspect of the spirit of America. Finally, because I love this piece very much, and I was curious to discover different facets thanks to other musicians” Emanuele Arciuli

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    Round Midnight - Hommage to Thelonius Monk

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