Al Martino - The Best of Al Martino [Collectables]

    01. Walking in the Sand (3:02)
    02. Spanish Eyes (2:45)
    03. Red Roses for a Blue Lady (2:35)
    04. I Love You Because (2:41)
    05. Can't Take My Eyes off You (3:20)
    06. Lili Marlene (2:53)
    07. Mary in the Morning (2:54)
    08. Love Letters in the Sand (2:38)
    09. Where Do I Begin (4:17)
    10. What Now My Love (2:59)
    11. Release Me (2:58)
    12. Painted Tainted Rose (2:45)
    13. Yesterday (2:59)
    14. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (2:26)
    15. Let It Be Me (3:08)
    16. Crying in the Chapel (3:03)
    17. Fascination (2:53)
    18. Three Coins in the Fountain (3:09)
    19. Love Is Blue (2:40)
    20. The Shadow of Your Smile (3:51)
    Al Martino
    Al Martino

    Al Martino, Al Martino
    The Best of Al Martino [Collectables]

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    A Maria Teresa Vera celebrates the Cuban singer/songwriter with renditions of her songs by Gema & Pavel, Martirio, Argelia Fragoso and Pablo Guerrero. Jacqueline Castellanos' "La Rifa," Omoara Portuondo's "Ya No Puede Amarte," Maria Salgado's "Veinte Anos" and Uxia's "Perdona Corazon" are among the highlights of this Latin music tribute. ~ Heather Phares

    Gema & Maria Salgado,Martirio, Omara Portuondo,Argelia FragosDirty Linen (2-3/00, p.90) - "...This tribute by various contemporary musicians from Cuba and Spain...features part of Vera's repertoire from many of the genres that she innovated, including sons, rumbas, boleros and impeccable production..."

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    The Best of Al Martino [Collectables]

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