• 1. Half the Way

    • 2. The Other Side of Me

    • 3. Room for One More

    • 4. Don't Go My Love

    • 5. Dancing the Night Away

    • 6. It's Like We Never Said Goodbye

    • 7. The Blue Side

    • 8. A Little Bit of Rain

    • 9. Danger Zone

    • 10. Miss the Mississippi and You

    • 11. Too Many Lovers

    • 12. If You Ever Change Your Mind

    • 13. Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City

    • 14. Same Old Story (Same Old Song)

    • 15. Help Yourselves to Each Other

    • 16. Take It Easy

    • 17. I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone

    • 18. You've Almost Got Me Believing

    • 19. Lover Man

    • BONUS TRACK tylko w tej edycji na rynek japoński

    • 20. What A Little Moonlight Can Do

    Crystal Gayle

    Crystal Gayle
    Miss the Mississippi - These Days

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    Crystal Gayle is an American country and pop singer, born Brenda Gail Webb in 1951. Famed for her curtain of long brown hair and that song about turning brown eyes blue, she enjoyed significant success in the 70s and 80s.

    She is the younger sister of Loretta Lynn and for the large part of her early career she hung to her famous sister's coat-tails, suffering from the inevitable comparisons. It took the crossover ballad "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" to bring her to the spotlight and the album from which it was drawn, We Must Believe in Magic achieved platinum sales.

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    Miss the Mississippi - These Days

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