• 1. Possession
    • 2. Wait
    • 3. Plenty
    • 4. Good Enough
    • 5. Mary
    • 6. Elsewhere
    • 7. Circle
    • 8. Ice
    • 9. Hold On
    • 10. Ice Cream
    • 11. Fear
    • 12. Fumbling Toward Ecstacy
    • 13. Elsewhere
    • 14. Plenty
    • 15. Mary
    • 16. Good Enough
    • 17. Hold On
    • 18. Ice Cream
    • 19. Ice
    • 20. Ol' 55
    • 21. I Will Remember You
    Sarah McLachlan

    Sarah McLachlan
    Fumbling Towards Ecstasy and The Freedom Sessions

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    From the heavy dance beats of the opening single, Possession, to the more delicate Good Enough, McLachalan explores self-awareness and sensuality in ways unrivaled by her previous efforts. Lush arrangements back her powerful vocals to build a highly rewarding album.
    "Most of the songs on 'Fumbling Towards Ecstasy' began as acoustic pieces. Early on in the recording process we thought about putting out two records: one record of the original acoustic songs and another with more produced and/or layered songs. In time, one version usually presented itself to be the stronger or just more interesting in its instrumentation and direction, whatever felt right at the time. I love the 'Fumbling Towards Ecstasy' recording and wouldn't change a thing, but I love these versions as reminders of where the songs started and of the various paths we wandered down to discover their identities. It was a joy watching them grow." - Sarah McLaughlin

    An audiophile's dream come true! Exclusively licensed and packaged together for the first time, these two titles have divided audiophiles everywhere on their preference. It's a natural pair that now, as a set, can be compared in a 20-bit transfer. Plus, as an bonus track, we have included the selection I Will Remember You, originally from the soundtrack of the movie The Brothers McMullen.

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    Fumbling Towards Ecstasy and The Freedom Sessions

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