• A:
    • 1. Progeny
    • 2. The Wheat
    • 3. The Battle
    • 4. Earth

    • B:
    • 1. Sorrow
    • 2. To Zuccabar
    • 3. Patricide
    • 4. The Emperor Is Dead
    • 5. The Might Of Rome

    • C:
    • 1. Strength And Honor
    • 2. Reunion
    • 3. Slaves To Rome
    • 4. Barbarian Horde

    • D:
    • 1. Am I Not Merciful?
    • 2. Elysium
    • 3. Honor Him
    • 4. Now We Are Free

    Hans ZIMMER

    Hans ZIMMER

    329,00 zł

    Gladiator Music From The Motion Picture on Numbered Limited-Edition 180g 45RPM 2LP Set from ORG

    Mastered by Bernie Grundman from the Original Master Tapes

    Sonic Blockbuster Sounds Even More Incredible: On TAS Founder Harry Pearson's Super Disc List and a Stereophile R2D4

    Pressed at Pallas on Stunningly Quiet 180g Vinyl: Bring Your System to its Knees!

    This is a record whose sterling reputation precedes it. Winner of the Golden Globe award for Best Original Score, Gladiator takes its orders from Hollywood’s soundtracks of yore. Hans Zimmer and Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard compose music that’s big, brawny, exciting, and dramatic, filled with sections dependent on titanic brass and burly percussion. A Stereophile Record to Die For and a perennial choice on The Absolute Sound founder Harry Pearson's Super Disc List, Gladiator is why we love hi-fi, especially now that ORG has given it the treatment it's always deserved.

    Mastered from the original masters by Bernie Grundman, pressed at Pallas in Germany, and housed in a gatefold jacket, ORG's numbered limited-edition is guaranteed to test the limits of any system. A blockbuster in every sense of the term. Audiophiles, these will not last long!

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