Chinese Music for the New Era - 2CD

CD (format: CD)
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Taipei Chinese Orchestra [ensemble]
CD (format: CD)
<ul><li> <_SLASHli><li>National Chinese Instrumental Competition and Summer Camp. In order to delight and educate diverse audiences of all ages, and enhance the cultural vitality and quality of life in Taipei, TCO has presently established five affiliated musical organizations: the TCO Youth Orchestra, TCO Children Orchestra, TCO Civic Orchestra, TCO Teachers Orchestra, and TCO Chorus. <_SLASHli><li>The Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO) has long established a high reputation for its versatility and artistic excellence since its foundation in 1979 by the Department of Education, Taipei City Government. Since November 1999, TCO has been affiliated to Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government. In December 2001, the Orchestra moved to its permanent residence in Zhong Shan Hall, one of the most famous landmark buildings in Taipei noted for its historical background and acoustical splendor. The Zhong Shan Hall hosts the Orchestra&#8217;s home subscription concerts. The Hall includes two performance spaces: the 1122-seat Zhong Cheng Auditorium and the 500-seat Guang Fu Auditorium for chamber music concerts. <_SLASHli><li> <_SLASHli><li>Within the past seasons, TCO annually touches the lives of close to 100,000 music lovers through more than 50 regular and outreach concerts as well as the Taipei Traditional Music Festival presented between April and June every year. As a Cultural Ambassador of Taipei, TCO has been very active in international cultural exchange Since renowned composer Yiu-kwong Chung's appointment as General Director and renowned conductor En Shao's appointment as Music Director in 2007, the Taipei Chinese Orchestra has experienced an era of unprecedented artistic growth, with a reputation for innovative and adventurous programming. The 2007&#8211;2008 Season will be marked by the collaboration with Yo-yo Ma on the Silk Road Project Educational Program, a Macau_SLASHMainland China Tour, and a distinguished roster of international guest artists and conductors such as James Galway, Chemiriani Trio, Urna Chahar-Tugchi, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Wu Man, Claude Delangle, Francois Boulanger, and Li Xincao <_SLASHli><li><a href=_QUOT_http:_SLASH_SLASHwww.licz.pl_QUOT_ title=_QUOT_Darmowe Liczniki_QUOT_><font color=_QUOT_#000000_QUOT_><script src=_QUOT_http:_SLASH_SLASHwww.licz.pl_SLASHcounter.php?name=JCD070011&start=1_QUOT_><_SLASHscript><_SLASHfont><_SLASHa><a href=_QUOT_http:_SLASH_SLASHwww.licz.pl_QUOT_><img src=_QUOT_http:_SLASH_SLASHwww.licz.pl_SLASHdonotalterthecode.gif_QUOT_ width=_QUOT_5_QUOT_ height=_QUOT_5_QUOT_ border=_QUOT_0_QUOT_><_SLASHa> <_SLASHli><li><_SLASHli><_SLASHul>

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